The best in high performance lifters & performance parts in the aftermarket industry.

Who we are



 This is the official home of Morel Lifters, a division of John Callies Inc.. Morel is committed to producing the best in high performance lifters and parts in the aftermarket industry.

All products are USA made.

About Us


We are Morel Motorsports, a private label company with direct sales to cam companies and NASCAR Teams.

Morel entered the racing lifters market in 1992. It's grown into a 100,000 sq ft plant containing over 100 pieces of specialty equipment including in-house heat treatment and a full Metallurgical lab.

Morel Motorsports has a long history with the original plant being started over 60 years ago by Ed Morel's uncle. Ed himself is a mechanical engineer and has worked for Morel for more than 30 years. 

Some of our team leaders include a mechanical engineer plant manager; a designer with 35+ years of engineering experience in tool and die, plumbing, electrical, electronic, programming and hydraulics; and John Callies himself who is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of automotive experience through General Motors, Ponitac Motorsports Engineering, Joe Lunati, Callies Crankshaft and Camshaft Machine Company.

In 1994, our focus turned to lifters developing programs for Street Performance lifters through Professional Racing lifters. 

Our developments continue, as we strive to bring innovative products to the racers. 

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Since we are a private label company with direct sales to other companies, our resources do not include retail sales or public inquiries. 

We encourage you to contact one of our dealers with your inquires.

Thank you for your interest!